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Longest eruption of Turrialba Volcano

28 Sep, 2016
The Turrialba volcano is erupting at the moment. The photo above was taken this morning early from the garden of Guayabo Lodge. According to the latest post of the OVSICORI, […]
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Visit Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast

04 Aug, 2016
From Guayabo Lodge you drive to Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast in three to three and a half hours. Believe it or not, for more than half of that […]
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Exploring the beautiful Turrialba Valley

26 Jul, 2016
Sugarcane in Atirro If you have time, take a drive and explore the beautiful Turrialba Valley. It is so vast and diverse, that you must explore it in parts. So […]
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Artisanal home baking: local specialities

14 Jul, 2016
Local artisanal home baking is important in Santa Cruz de Turrialba. In fact, artisanal bread ‘pan casero’ and ‘tamal asado‘ baked corn tamale (a solid pudding-like cake) are local specialties very […]
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New Volcanic Eruptions of the Turrialba Volcano

11 Jul, 2016
The Turrialba gave us some spectacular volcanic eruptions during the past few days. Thus Don Rolando Pacheco, a neighbor of ours gave us two impressive photos he took from La […]
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Turrialba's Saturday Market Sunshine

02 Jul, 2016
Today is a perfect day for a visit to Turrialba’s Saturday Market Sunshine. It is one of those very very dark and gloomy days on the Turrialba Volcano and visibility […]
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Thank you Luciano!

26 Jun, 2016
Coffee farming on the Turrialba Volcano is still done in the Hacienda of Aquiares. This is about 10km from Guayabo Lodge, in the direction of the town of Turrialba.  In […]
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Turrialba Volcano in June 2016 from Guayabo Lodge

25 Jun, 2016
This month of June has been hectic. With friends, family and visits of the OVSICORI (Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica) from the national University of Heredia.  They are […]
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Erupting Turrialba Volcano and the garden

05 Jun, 2016
This month of June has been hectic. The erupting Turrialba Volcano attracting  friends, family and visitors. And of course, visits from the OVSICORI (Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica) […]
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