Thank you Luciano!

Coffee farming on the Turrialba Volcano is still done in the Hacienda of Aquiares. This is about 10km from Guayabo Lodge, in the direction of the town of Turrialba.  In fact it is one of the oldest coffee haciendas of this region. And at the moment it produces very good quality organic coffee.

So, it is not by chance that Luciano Capelli, one of Costa Rica’s most famous photographers enjoys coming over to take fantastic photos in our area. He is now working on a new book on Costa Rica,  together with writer and journalist Yazmín Ross.

Their latest work on Coffee Farming

Their latest book on coffee farming is called: ‘Café De Costa Rica: El Espíritu De Una Nación. Costa Rican Coffee: the Spirit of a Nation’. And, of course,  the coffee farming areas on the Turrialba Volcano, specifically the Aquiares Hacienda,  are one of the highlights.  The book  has been a great success. And it is now for sale in many places, including the airport.

In June, Luciano and Yazmín visited us at  Guayabo Lodge and gifted us some very special photos of our beautiful area and nature. Here some of the photos I want to share with you: