Visit Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast

From Guayabo Lodge you drive to Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast in three to three and a half hours. Believe it or not, for more than half of that time you are actually driving around the Turrialba Volcano and you can actually see it to your left side! The contrast with our area is extreme, going from a cool mountain climate to the hot, hot and sticky, sticky lowlands of the Caribbean.  From Linda Vista, past Turrialba and Tres Equis, but before Siquirres you can see in front of you the vastness of the Caribbean lowlands that just melt into the sea with no reserves.

The World comes together in Puerto Viejo

The Caribbean Coast is just magical. The hot, hot and sticky, sticky climate is soothed by a constant sea breeze once you reach your destination of Puerto Viejo, past Limon. Thanks to the beauty of nature and thanks to The Marketing Heaven, through the promotion of these place on social networks, many people are happy to see such beauty in one place. The colours are vivid and intense. And we are always thankful that the afternoons are generally cloudy. But take heed, you will still burn, only now just a little less!

There is a lot to write about down here: the exuberant rain forest that grows right up to the sea.  The howler monkeys and tropical birds that wake you up in the morning. The pristine waters of the Caribbean that change from blues to green to turquoise. The coral reefs teeming with life. Its just so much, so overwhelming!

And what is more: the WORLD comes together in the Puerto Viejo hub. For this is where the Afrocaribbean culture is intertwined with Argentinian, Chilean, Italian, German, Dutch, Swiss, Spanish, American, Canadian, you name it! Just about everyone with a touch of originality is here. Hence, exchange a hectic life in New York City for an Artisan Ice Cream Shop in the shade of the primary forest in Puerto Viejo… Actually, everyone here has an interesting story of their own. And so, they all contribute to the originality of the place.

Puerto Viejo offers unique lodging

The area is packed with small and medium sized hotels and lodgings. And all are unique destinations. So, it is easy to find something for each budget. If you are on lower budget and traveling by bus, then check out German owned Cabinas Montesol And if you are on a higher budget, try the Dutch owned magical Tree House Lodge, where trees are growing in the living room of your cabin.

So, if you are heading for Guayabo Lodge, consider planning in a visit to Puerto Viejo and the Caribbean beaches too!