Turrialba’s Saturday Market Sunshine

Today is a perfect day for a visit to Turrialba’s Saturday Market Sunshine. It is one of those very very dark and gloomy days on the Turrialba Volcano and visibility is really low. It is also raining, like only possible in the Tropics. Just one of those eternal dusk days. So incredibly different from yesterday, with beautiful views of the clouds hiding in between the mountains.

Thus this morning I took the windy road down to Turrialba town, where on Friday’s and Saturday’s there is a fresh fruit and vegetable market. This is in the old center of town, near what used to be the Railway Station. The market lifts all  gloominess, because  it  provides for sunshine and happiness.  It vibrates through the bright colors of it’s tropical fruit and exotic smells.

Visual and Aroma Therapy

The market is bustling with buyers doing their weekly shopping and socializing with friends and neighbors as if in a grand salon. Locals and foreigners mingle here as if this was always meant to be. People take their time here. No rush or hurry. It’s nearly a  morning ritual for men and women alike, enlightened by the brightness and aromas of the tropical fruits: papaya, mango, watermelon, bananas, plantains and pejiballe.  You find here many other products of a typical Caribbean market as well as from the Central Valley. If you happen to visit town on the right days, be sure to drop by and experience the visual and aroma therapy of Turrialba’s Market Sunshine.

Here some photos from this morning’s market and the old railway station, now a local bar and eatery, where an improvised group of men was making music and singing.