Turrialba Volcano Tour

Park information:
National Park Foundation: July 30, 1955
Area: 1,577 hectares (as from the last 800mt. up to top)
Visitation: Park and access to craters closed due to volcanic activity. But worth visiting the last village ‘La Central’ at a height of 2700 mt. from which you have a spectacular view of the Turrialba (and some times also the Irazu) volcano.

What to bring: hiking shoes, or boots or gym shoes, rain gear, binoculars, camera.
Age limit: none
Rate: organized from Guayabo Lodge with guide/driver & transport: USD 60 per person (min 2 persons).

One of the highlights of the Turrialba Region is its majestic and beautiful volcano, at 16km northwest of Turrialba. Located in the Central Mountain Range of Costa Rica, to the North of the town of Turrialba, the volcano is the highest point on the Caribbean side of the country, and on clear days and nights the ships in front of the coast of Limón can be seen from different parts on its slopes The Turrialba is an active volcano that reaches an altitude of 10958 feet or 3340 meters. It is the second highest volcano in the country and the ‘twin’ of the Irazú volcano, with which it shares the same base. It features three well-defined craters as well as others misshapen by volcanic activity. The central crater is the deepest, at aproximately 50 metres.
Since 2009 this volcano has started a new period of activity, and has been sending large columns of steam and gases to the sky. Current activity consists of gas and steam eruptions that are visible hundred kilometers away. At the top, the average temperature is 14 ºC, and rainfall varies between 3,000 to 4,000 millimeters per year.
The slopes (outside of park area) of the volcano are worth visiting. They include areas of rainforest and very humid montane forest, where the forest is evergreen, with trees of varying size (15-40m).
You can drive up on own, starting at the village of La Pastora, and it will take 30 minutes to reach the village of La Central. The views of the ‘smoking volcano’ are spectacular. From la Central you can walk and enjoy the panorama.