Birding at the Aquiares River Reserve

Birding at Aquiares River Reserve, of Guayabo Lodge

Included: Tour with bilingual Birding Guide
What to bring: Hiking shoes, or boots or gym shoes, rain gear, binoculars, camera.
Age limit: none
Half day birding guided tour US$ 45 (from 1 to 4 pax). Transport not necessary.

Birding List available.
Conditions: Please reserve in advance and discuss other route options with the guide.  Transport is NOT included.


The Aquiares River Reserve is part of a Natural Corridor

The Aquiares River Reserve is owned by the Lodge. It includes a total of 15 hectares of rainforest and pastures bordering the Aquiares River.  Now the Lodge has created paths for their guests right down to the pristine natural pools on the river. So, if you love nature and love to hike, you can enter this area and explore on own free of charge. But you can also reserve a bilingual guide to help you do birding. Guayabo Lodge offers you the possibility to hire one of our experienced guides and explore the area.  Humming birds, trogons, tucans, hawks, motmots, cuckoos, woodpeckers, migratory tanagers, collared redstart and even the yellow throated brush finch can be sited.

Because the Aquiares River starts high up on the Turrialba Volcano, our Reserve is part of a natural corridor that links high altitude birds to mid altitude. This means that you might even be lucky and spot a quetzal.  Walk further down to Aquiares and spot  antshrikes, tityras, flycatchers, rainbow billed tucans, rose breasted gross beak and sparrows.

So we invite you to explore our fantastic New Reserve. We recommend it!