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Enjoy your stay at Guayabo Lodge Our Way: combine tours at the lodge with options in the region around us. We can offer you fun, adventure, education and culture for all ages.

The Turrialba Region is at the cross-roads of the South-Pacific, the Central Valley and the Atlantic Coasts. The enormous difference in altitude within a small area and the high rainfall make it one of the richest regions of Costa Rica in plants and birds.
Guayabo Lodge is right in the centre of this fascinating area, on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano, at 1500 masl.
At Guayabo Lodge we can offer you plenty of very different sightseeing trips and active tours according to your liking. We can organize them for you, or you can do most on your own. Here are some options you might want to consider:


Guayabo Rainforest and Ruins Hike (1/2 day tour)

-From Hotel Guayabo Lodge-

This is a pleasant tour fit for all ages and all budgets. It can be done on own, provided you have your own transport (or are willing to rent a taxi). From the lodge you can hike to The Guayabo National Monument (a 2 hour hike to and 2 hours back, don’t forget rain gear you never know!). But you can also get there by car and just hike inside the park.

The Guayabo National Monument is Costa Rica’s most important archeological site A visit is a MUST if staying at Guayabo Lodge! The trails in the park give you the opportunity to walk through a charming piece of rainforest, that envelope the mystical Guayabo ruins. The site includes stone aqueducts, cobbled roads, mounds, walls and petro glyphs. No comparison with the great Mayas, Aztecs or Incas, yet this is a site with a mystical, positive life-giving force.

The beautiful rainforest in which it is set is worth the visit on its own, with plants, flowers, birds, butterflies etc. which will make you thoroughly enjoy the visit!

Entrance Fee: USD 6. What to bring: Hiking shoes, or boots or gym shoes, rain gear, binoculars, camera.
Age limit: none
Rates: organized from Guayabo Lodge with guide/driver & transport: USD 40 per person (min 2 persons).

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